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You can wear a bow tie to any occasion!


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Bow ties from My Bro Tie
The bow ties of My Bro Tie are handmade. Most of our “Bro Ties” are available in double-layered and single-layered versions. The idea for My Bro Tie originated in late 2013, when Thys from Cape Town, SA was searching for a bow tie but couldn’t find one that really appealed to him. At the same time Felix was also looking for an bow tie. By coincidence Felix ran across Thys and among other things, by the help of social media and a visit to cape town they became friends and decided to set up My Bro Tie.

bow ties made from vintage cloths
When manufacturing our bro ties we principally only use vintage cloths, second hand garments and discontinued fabrics. Mainly these are blended fabrics. If we stumble across interesting materials we may also create a special edition out of it.Because we use vintage garments all our My Bro Tie editions are limited. The bow ties of the various editions come either with a clip or a traditional strap. All our bow ties come pre tied. Our goal is to offer an accessory that can easily be applied to your outfit. Bro Ties with a clip may even be changed by another various times throughout the day.
Sustainability – bow ties from My Bro Tie
The majority of our bow ties is made from vintage, second hand garments, discontinued upholstery cloths or discontinued fabrics. We were tired of the throwaway society, so instead we decided to breathe life into the vintage garments and make something truly beautiful out of it. For the creation of the packaging of our bro ties we use vintage atlasses, DIY books or postage stamp scrapbooks all dating back at least to 1985.

Bow ties of the category “Specials”
We offer a range of particular bow ties which we grouped as “specials”. These bow ties are the icing on the cake. You may wear them on a notably event or give them to someone special as a present. The range goes from models made from towelling cloths, vintage comic cloths, coffee sacks, sainling cloths to (artifical) leopard cloths.

Individual bow ties for your wedding
My Bro Tie offers to manufacture your own limited bow tie collection. For your wedding, your stag party, theme party, yacht crew -you name it. You can either bring your own cloth or we will optionally do the sourcing of fabric for you.

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