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Bow ties from My Bro Tie are produced under sustainable fair transparent conditions.

We only offer homemade Bro Ties. And by saying that we literally mean it. Having the production in far away factories, from unknown people is incompatible with our idea of building a trustworthy brand.

Remember - the first Bro Ties were maufactures by Thys' mother . Just because we are exporting to other countries now doesn't mean that we can't produce locally anymore.

About us

Meet the team behind My Bro Tie, Thys and Felix from Cape Town and Berlin respectively. The whole idea behind My Bro Tie started last year when Thys was looking for a sublime and preppy bow tie to wear to a friend’s wedding but couldn’t find anything that didn’t look like a 90s Prom outfit.

Without knowing Felix…half way around the world Felix was also looking for a bow tie to wear to a wedding. With the help of social media, a bunch of calls and some gin and tonics later the idea of launching this business together was born.

Each Bro Tie is handmade, unique and made with passion.

We wanted not just to have a bow tie that the entire world could possibly purchase anywhere.. Based on that, our idea was to use those vintage cloths and make limited collections of bow ties out of them.

We have hundreds of unique Bro Ties for you to choose from….and if you have special vintage cloths that you would like to preserve, just give us a shout and we will ensure that you get that special bow tie.

Cheerio, Thys and Felix

Fliegen aus Vintagestoffen. Team von My Bro Tie