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We want you to feel good buying our products. We created this section so you find answers to questions you might have.

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What materials are your Bro Ties made of?
Our Bro Ties are made from leftover pieces of vintage fabrics, upholstery fabrics, or old designer dresses. Basically, we use any cloth we can find along our daily walks through the cities of this world, on our vacations, at flea markets, or any vintage cloth that was given to us. As we pledge people not to throw their old clothes away but to send it to us, we receive more and more vintage blazers, coats, scarves and many other unique fabrics to make beautiful Bro Ties out of.

Are the Bro Ties really limited edition pieces?
The limitation of each Bro Tie is given to us by the amount of the existing fabric. For example, we find a beautiful vintage dress and we produce Bro Ties out of it. We can only do so many Bro Ties as the fabric will bear. At the end the Bro Ties are always limited in their edition and will come with a certificate, which will exactly identify the number of Bro Ties produced from that particular fabric. Our Bro Ties are truly unique!

Which collars will the Bro Ties with a clip fit the best?
The Bro Ties with a clip are particularly suitable for shirts with button-down or Kent collar. The clip-on Bro Ties are also great to wear with round or V-neck sweaters or just a T-shirt.

Are you also offering Bro Ties without the clip? E.g. with a strap?
Of course we do. You should have the possibility to choose from clip or strap when you look at the specific article in the shop.

Where are the Bro Ties beeing produced?
All our Bro ties are manufactured in Porterville, a small town close to Cape Town. Thys’ mother and her friends produce our products— A real family business. Samples may also be produced in Berlin.

Can I send you my favorite fabric and you manufacture Bro Ties from it?
That is totally possible. We will happily create your very own limited bow tie collection—whether it is for your wedding party, stag party, themed party, or just for fun. Simply write us a message via the contact form:

How much do you charge for shipping?
We charge 4,99€ for packing and shipping. Once you are over a total value of 60 €, we offer free shipping within Germany. Please contact us for charges to other destinations and read about our terms and conditions.

What methods of payment do you accept in the My Bro Tie online store?
We currently accept prepaid (bank transfer) and PayPal.

What is the delivery time of my order?
The delivery time is about 1-3 business days for orders within Germany. For other destinations please read our terms and conditions

Do I get an invoice for my orders at My Bro Tie?
Yes, definitely. You will receive an invoice based on the information you provided in the check out process.

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